Innovative Formulations for Veterinary Care | Discover Bova

Our current, but ever-expanding, portfolio provides innovative formulations for the equine, small animal, and exotic markets – helping you provide the best options for your patients when there isn’t a suitable licensed product.


With vets, pets and the owner at the heart of everything we do we aim to better meet your needs and ultimately improve animal welfare.


We want to work with you to ensure our products are the best they can be – we actively encourage two-way collaboration with veterinary practices, Specialists, governing bodies, corporates and groups.


We aim to empower vets and owners to be able to do the very best for their patients and pets by providing innovative medications that are designed with the pet and owner in mind.


We aim to improve owner compliance and animal welfare with innovative formulations and unique administration methods. We heavily invest in R&D through Luoda Pharma a virtual biopharmaceutical company that is closely aligned with Bova.


We are committed to meeting your needs quickly and precisely. We have a dedicated customer service team who will always go the extra mile to support you throughout the entire ordering and product use process. 


For your peace of mind, we aim to provide quality formulations at every level – from formulation development and the sourcing of raw materials, right through to delivery.

What is the difference between specials(extemporaneous)and compounding?

Specials Manufacturing is also referred to as compounding, extemporaneous preparations, and unlicensed medications, depending on the country and standards adhered to.

It is long-established in pharmacy practice and enables practitioners to prescribe medications that are specifically prepared to meet a patient’s individual needs. This includes medications in strengths and forms that are not otherwise available.

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