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Our aim is to improve animal welfare in collaboration with veterinary practices by providing novel and innovative veterinary pharmaceuticals – all developed with vets, pets and the owner in mind.

Veterinary practice

Bova is committed to working in collaboration with you to deliver innovative veterinary medicines that better meet the requirements of pets, owners and ultimately you, as the prescriber.

We are also committed to providing you with the latest research and expert thinking with our veterinary CPD (education).

Pet owners

For example, our range of flavours includes tuna for cats, beef for dogs or molasses for horses. And we know how stressful it can be trying to medicate cats, which is why some of our products are available as transdermal preparations – so they can be easily applied to your cat’s skin.

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Check out our free veterinary CPD/education. We aim to provide you with the latest research, thinking and treatment options with easily accessible blogs, podcasts and webinars. So, whether you’re a reader, a listener or a watcher, we have you covered.

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Bova Webinar

Free online webinars for vets and nurses to gain continued professional development (CPD).  We work with a range of key opinion leaders to bring you up-to-date information on a variety of disease areas.

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Bova Blogs

Easy-to-digest blogs on a variety of disease areas.

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Bova Research Papers

Bringing you the latest research on our products.

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Bova Podcasts

Learn on the go with our podcasts. Delivered by key opinion leaders for the latest thinking on a variety of disease areas.

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How-To Videos

Easy-to-follow videos for using our products – ideal to share with pet owners.

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Useful Resources

Invaluable resources tailored to elevate your expertise in veterinary practice. Explore our comprehensive toolkit here.

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