Bova – quality at the core

Here at Bova, quality is core! Still proudly an Australian and family-owned business; Bova is committed to improving animal health and well-being by providing tailor-made medications of the highest standard.

We know that the quality of a compounded medication is a vital factor for successful clinical outcomes. This is why we only manufacture to the highest standards – to give you total confidence and peace of mind when using our range.

Bova’s Quality Assurance Program

For extra reassurance in the quality of our products, we’ve developed a system to quality-assure (QA) popular, high-risk, or complex compounded products.

In the development of this system, we consulted with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to ensure that our processes are compliant with current legislation while our quality control methods follow USP or BP pharmacopoeia standards.

Products made using the QA System are called QA Products and undergo strict QA checks by various departments in Bova:

Our Quality Assured products follow APVMA guidelines and have been tested according to the European Medicines Agency’s “Guideline on Stability: Stability Testing of New Veterinary Drug Substances and Medicinal Products”. These guidelines are used to establish the stability testing protocol for each of our QA products and are accepted worldwide.

Every Quality Assured product undergoes end product testing before final release by highly trained technicians. Each batch is end-product tested for potency and other specific parameters before being approved for dispensing.

Quality Assurance (QA) products can be shipped the next day because they are pre-manufactured and have undergone rigorous quality control processes and prior testing deemed to meet the highest quality standards before they are made available for order.

We invest in our staff and provide ongoing training to ensure that they are comprehensively trained on our standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and test each individual staff member to ensure that they can reproduce each dosage form consistently.

Through strategic investments in R&D and innovation, we contribute to the advancement of the veterinary industry by developing novel formulations and improved treatments for animals.

For a complete list of our Quality Assured formulations


Compounding is a long-established tradition in pharmacy practice that enables practitioners to prescribe medications that are specifically prepared to meet a patient’s individual needs. This includes medications in strengths and forms that are not otherwise available.

Placing a prescription with Bova is usually done by the prescribing veterinarian. If the prescriber issues a repeat on the prescription, Bova can keep this on file and can be contacted when the repeat is required to be filled. A repeat will only be filled upon request.

Bova accepts Master Card, Visa, Direct Debit, and cheque’s in advance of shipment. Veterinarians may also contact Bova to set up an account.

Please refer to the ordering tab in the menu on the left hand side.

Yes. Faxing, emailing or placing an order online does not constitute an original prescription. A hard copy signed by the prescribing veterinarian must be received by Bova within seven days.

Expiry dates, also known as beyond use dates (BUD), are often short as the medication has been compounded. For specific expiry dates please contact the pharmacy.

Bova will always endeavour to dispense your customised medications as quickly as possible. Turnaround times will vary depending on the type of medication that has been requested. Our aim is to always fill a prescription within 48hrs once it has been approved by a pharmacist.  Cytotoxic and sterile medications are compounded on specific days of the week and may take longer to arrive. We understand that some situations could be urgent, in these cases, please don’t hesitate to call us, and our friendly team will endeavour to get your order processed as soon as possible.