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In 2017 Nick launched Bova UK, a Specials Manufacturer dedicated to bringing quality Specials Medications to the UK veterinary market.

Bova UK is led by a team of experienced pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals who bring their experience from across the globe and who have been exposed to the European Medicine Standards which are implemented at Bova.

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate authorised the facilities with a ManSA (Manufacturer ‘Specials’ Authorisation) in 2017 for sterile and non-sterile medicines.

Bova UK was the first company to receive VMD authorisation to manufacture sterile products in the UK.

Nick Bova

Bova – quality at the core

We know that quality matters – it is a vital factor for successful clinical outcomes when using Specials medications. We take several steps to ensure the quality of all our products to give you peace of mind and reassurance that you are using the best possible option for the animal. 

Our standards

Established in the UK in 2017, Bova was the first VMD-authorised manufacturing facility for sterile and non-sterile veterinary Specials in the UK.

We always adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good laboratory practices (GLP) as per the European Medicine Standards. All raw materials and finished products are tested against current Pharmacopeial procedures.

Here are some of the steps we take at Bova to ensure the GMP standards are always maintained:

·       Daily temperature and humidity monitoring across GMP areas

·       Continuous temperature monitoring of refrigerator and stability chambers

·       Daily calibration and maintenance of analytical balances

·       Robust document and review process

·       Daily calibration and maintenance of pH meter

·       Ongoing training, testing, and evaluation of aseptic personnel

·       Monthly independent environmental monitoring and surface samples for the cleanrooms

·       Cleanrooms tested by certified personnel, complying with EU GMP requirements

·       Continuous cleaning of compounding environments by qualified and approved 3rd party technicians

·       Qualifications of manufacturing equipment and validations of all manufacturing processes

·       Finished product testing of products to ensure the product is safe and effective

·       API and excipients procured from approved suppliers only

·       API storage of raw materials in a temperature-controlled environment

We have invested in advanced analytical laboratory equipment to perform stability studies on new and existing products to monitor and improve product quality and patient safety. We also have a dedicated team for quality – our Quality Assurance team. They ensure that all our products are maintained to the premium standards we want to deliver and that our customers expect.