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What’s available from Bova?

All our products aim to maximise compliance and offer options to help ensure optimal animal welfare when there isn’t an appropriate licensed product. We achieve this by keeping the animal and the owner at the forefront of our minds when developing new formulations and refining existing ones.

With a purpose-built facility that incorporates eight clean rooms, including sterile and cytotoxic suites, we can offer a wide range of products – helping to streamline your ordering and stock-keeping process.

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Bova is the only UK veterinary specials manufacturer able to produce all the following:

Dosage forms available
Solid dosage forms

Powder: Many of our powders are 100% pure, with no fillers or added to them. This means smaller amounts for dosing which are often better accepted by pets.

Tablet: Many of our tablets have been made with species-specific flavourings to help aid acceptance. We have the capability to add scoring, either half of quad, for more accurate dosing if required and can vary the size of tablets depending on the strength requirement and species. Our size range is: from 4.75mm- 10mm.

Cytotoxic and capsule: We have a dedicated cytotoxic laboratory, with appropriately trained staff. Our range of cytotoxic and capsule products is set to grow with new formulations in the pipeline – so watch this space!

Semi-solid dosage forms

Transdermal: We have a range of transdermal products, designed to be rubbed onto the inner pinna of animals – especially useful for our feline friends who can be tricky to medicate orally. Our latest transdermal is available in a special click-ur-dose pen, which provides accurate dosing on each click – find out more about how this works here.

Oral paste: Our oral pastes are available in a range of flavours, and pot or syringe sizes for optimal use in different species.

Topical ointment: We currently have one topical ointment, this is a product that was originally taken off the market, that we have re-introduced.

Liquid dosage forms

Many of our oral suspensions, solutions and micronized emulsions are available in different species-specific flavourings.

Sterile dosage forms

Various sizes including glass vials and infusion bags: We are one of the few veterinary-authorised sterile manufacturers in the UK.

We specialise in long-acting injectable formulations which can make it easier to medicate pets with long-term medication needs who are averse to daily tablets or paste products.

Ophthalmic preparation Drops: Our ophthalmic drops are available in a special, patented dropper bottle, designed to be made without preservatives.  The sterile solution flows through a one-way valve preventing any contamination ingress. You can find out more about our dropper here.

Synthetic Flavours: We have an ever-growing range of flavours to suit different taste buds of all species! Molasses, cheese, chicken (plain, grilled, roast), liver, beef, bacon, honeycomb, banana and tuna – so you’ll be sure to find something. All our flavours are synthetic, which is advantageous for pets with allergies.

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